White house in FuruMitsu 2012 (English/Japanese)


A two-story wooden house planned for Furu Mitsu, Matsuyama City. The first floor is used for everyday living, while the second floor bedrooms and WC are reserved for guests. The client was an 83-year-old woman at the time, so the house was planned as a barrier-free house with no steps. All the living rooms face the south side of the house so that it would not be cold even in winter, and the sashes and insulation materials are of high thermal insulation specification. On the first floor, a passageway and garden reminiscent of a traditional Mitsu alley runs in front of the LDK and master bedroom, allowing continuous use of the exterior space from the interior space to the open porch and garden. Although there is an entry way in front of the garden, a fence is built to a height that blocks the line of sight, thus ensuring privacy. Since the client is elderly, the interior was designed to be as bright as possible, with white wood flooring (birch cherry), white walls, and fixtures, so that the interior is bright enough to be seen even without lighting.